About the Blog

Pensacola Restaurant Reviews

The idea for this blog was inspired by a friend.  Actually, this blog was inspired by three different friends. One friend planted the idea in my mind over a year ago. At the time I was not quite ready to take the plunge, but her encouragement was instrumental in fostering the idea. When I finally decided to just go for it, I did so after another friend helped me recognize the topic I would truly enjoy writing about. A third friend helped me narrow the topic down to a more specific niche. This gave me a focused goal and kept me from being overwhelmed.

Restaurants and Local Eats

I chose to start this blog as a hobby to highlight the Pensacola and Gulf Coast food scene. Occasionally, I may post about non-local restaurants since I like to travel and try new places, but the majority of my posts will relate to restaurants in the Pensacola/panhandle area of Florida and occasionally areas in southern Alabama. Pensacola really is fortunate to play host to so many wonderful restaurants with exceptionally talented culinary artists.

On this blog you will find food and menu items that I personally enjoy and believe you will too. My aim is to feature the dishes that a restaurant has mastered-crafted and set the standard for others to aspire to meet. From savory to sweet, vegan to paleo, posh and swanky to humble and home-cooked; I’ll be featuring an enclitic mix of eats that I feel are of an exceptional caliber and deserve some love and notoriety.

What this blog is not intended to be is a food critique blog.  We all have our off days and let’s face it – life is just hard sometimes. No need to highlight the negative.  No one can excel and be perfect at everything. Maybe one restaurant doesn’t have the best prime rib in town, but they serve out-of-this-world fish tacos! Everyone has a speciality and talent that is unique to them. This blog is here to recognize and promote that talent.

Featured Finds and Favorites

From time to time I’ll also post about my favorite food of the moment, a kitchen gadget, or food related service. In the past few years I’ve come to acquire a taste for foods to which I once turned up my nose – brussel sprouts anyone?!? Educating and exposing myself to new and different foods has expanded the list of foods I love, and opened my eyes to flavors and textures I previously missed out on.

I’m also ever on the hunt for kitchen tools and hacks. If a utensil can simplify food prep,  enhance the flavor of food or work some type of culinary magic, I’m all about it! From time to time I will post about those items I’ve found to be practical and helpful. Sometimes its simply about investing in quality ingredients, other times it’s about using the appropriate tools and techniques.  I’ll be sharing some of that with you as well.

Everyone has a talent and a speciality that deserves to be showcased. That’s what this blog is for. To share with you some of the best foods that Pensacola and surrounding areas have to offer. I hope you come along with me as I enjoy the many foods of the Gulf Coast.