George Artisan Bakery and Bistro – One of the Best Places for Brunch in Pensacola

George Artisan Bakery and Bistro, brunch

George Artisan Bakery and Bistro for Brunch

If there’s one area I can completely relate to with the Millennial generation, it is the obsession with brunch. It is hands down my favorite meal! In fact, I frequently eat brunch for dinner. More often than I should probably admit.

On my list of go-to brunch spots is George Artisan Bakery and Bistro. I love everything about this charming place.  At George you will find an amazing array of French pastries, delectable brunch offerings, smooth coffees and espresso, as well as scrumptious lunch and dinner fare. All of this is set in a charming café atmosphere making George the complete culinary package.

I attribute my love affair with brunch to the palate-pleasing and soul-filling pairing of eclectic dishes. Chicken and waffles, crab cake benedicts, short ribs and poached eggs, lox and cream cheese atop dense and chewy bread, savory scones, and sweet pastry confections can all be enjoyed at brunch. Brunch mixes the best of both worlds of breakfast and dinner.  Unique creations that incorporate fresh and local ingredients are all the more reason to love a good brunch.

In typical Millennial style, I went out with some friends for brunch. Here is the item I ordered and why you MUST try it for yourself.  If you follow my Instagram, then you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I REALLY like George Artisan Bakery and Bistro. Sometimes I find myself ordering the same thing over and over again. Not this time; this time I tried something different and I think it’s my new favorite.

The Coastal Omelette at George Artisan

The coastal omelette is a culinary work of art. This light and fluffy omelette is heavy on flavor but not so on the stomach. The crab meat was very fresh and the shrimp added just the right texture and chew. Diced tomatoes gave it a light and slightly fruity flavor. Scallions added a pungency and gruyere cheese contributed a salty creaminess. The avocado lime cilantro jalapeño sauce tied everything together nicely. The lime brought out the flavors of the seafood. Marrying the jalapeño with the lime added an oh-so-subtle kick that was pleasing and not the least bit assaulting as the butteriness of the avocado muted the spiciness. Some sauces tend to over-power the entrée – not this one. It was the perfect finish to round out the flavors of the omelette.

George Artisan Bakery and Bistro, Brunch
Coastal Omelette

I highly recommend the coastal omelette. The omelette is certainly filling in and of itself, but if you have a larger appetite the rustic potatoes and toast make this a complete and satisfying meal. The coastal omelette comes with George’s traditional roasted potatoes or you have the option of splurging on the parmesan truffle potatoes. I recommend going for it and indulging in the parmesan truffle potatoes – trust me, you won’t regret it.

George Artisan Bakery and Bistro, Brunch
Roasted Potatoes and Toast

In my opinion, the weekends are made for brunch. George is a lovely venue for this. The food is delicious and the decor is light and inviting. If you’re like me  and immensely enjoy an outdoor brunch, George also has patio seating. Who knows, you may even bump into me there.


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Jaco’s Bayfront Bar and Grille: The Bella Mushroom Stack and the Waterfront View Are the Perfect Pairing

Pensacola Restaurants | Jaco's | Bella Mushroom Stack

Jaco’s Bayfront Bar and Grille: Great Food and a Great View

When I think of some of my favorite restaurants with a view, immediately Jaco’s Bayfront Bar and Grille comes to mind.  Not only does Jaco’s have fantastic food, but you can also enjoy an incredible view while you savor your meal. There’s nothing more relaxing to me than enjoying the Bella Mushroom Stack while sitting on the veranda enjoying the sunset.

Jaco's Bayfront Bar and Grill
Sunset view at Jaco’s.

Jaco’s is also an ideal spot for lunch. I love dining here when the days are bright and sunny and the skies are clear.  There’s something about sitting outside enjoying the view of the water that just relaxes me. It’s therapeutic.  This is one reason why I could not live in a landlocked state without regular trips to the beach. I NEED to be near the water!

If the view isn’t enough to entice you to visit Jaco’s, here’s what will completely convince you: the Bella Mushroom Stack. I still recall the very first time I ate at Jaco’s. Friends from work treated me for my Birthday and introduced me to the Bella Mushroom Stack. Ever since then I’ve been a fan! Next time you go to Jaco’s, or if you’re making an appearance for the very first time, order the Bella Mushroom Stack and prepare to be amazed.

Jaco's Bayfront Bar and Grill Bella Mushroom Stack
Bella Mushroom Stack at Jaco’s

Jaco’s Bella Mushroom Stack

What I like best about the Bella Mushroom Stack is the unique taste and textures. There are multiple levels of flavor to this entrée.  A grilled portabella mushroom dresses a layer of creamy risotto and is topped with fresh, peppery arugula. The grilled portabella gives you the chew you would expect from a meat, while also imparting the savoriness you would expect from a well-seasoned protein. The risotto is laced with a pesto sauce that gives it a pleasant punch of basil herbiness that balances out the buttery goodness of the risotto.

A bright tomato cream sauce imparts just the right level of acidity. I love the inclusion of the Kalamata olives  and the garnish of feta cheese. It subtly imparts a Mediterranean flair. The brininess from the olives along with the salty tanginess of the feta add a nice dimension to this plate. A balsamic drizzle gives a delicate hint of sweetness. The Bella Mushroom Stack is rich, but it does not sit heavy due to the balancing infusion of seasoning and herbs that offset the richness of the risotto and cream sauce.

This is the perfect time of year to be outside breathing in the fresh air and enjoying this paradise we’re fortunate to call home. Make these lovely spring days even more fabulous with the Bella Mushroom Stack savored over a picturesque waterfront view. Cheers to fabulous food and scenic views.



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